Regional Development Authority

About the Regional Development Authority

Our Mission: “The Regional Development Authority strategically funds initiatives to create a vibrant, inclusive, and growing community.”

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RDA History

The Regional Development Authority (RDA) was founded in 1989 for the purpose of becoming the qualified sponsoring organization for a riverboat casino in Davenport, Iowa. Iowa law requires that the gambling license be held by a non-profit organization.

In 1991 RDA received a gambling license in partnership with the President Riverboat Casino, which operated in Davenport until October of 2000. At that time, the casino was sold and is currently operating as the Rhythm City Casino. RDA approved the use of their license and the Rhythm City and RDA received a license from the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission at that time.

RDA has a volunteer board and a full time executive officer. The RDA operates somewhat the same as a community foundation, with the exception that it has a single income source – the Rhythm City Casino. Grants are made from current income and the amount of money available for grants is tied to the casino gaming receipts.

The Board of Directors of the Riverboat Development Authority (RDA) met May 24, 2017 to approve and award 57 grants to non-profit community organizations, totaling $1,215,000.

This brings the grand total of dollars awarded in the last year to $2.7 million and $63.1 million since 1991.

Total Economic Development Grants: Over $33 million
Total Education/Culture Grants:   Over $15 million
Total Human Services Grants:   Over $13 million