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  • Arts                                          $3,119
  • City                                          $1,104,047
  • Community Development     $182,708
  • Education                               $4,681,860
  • Health & Human Services    $359,088
  • Libraries & Museums           $837,694
  • Parks, Rec. & Sports            $1,274,950
  • Public Safety                          $200,858

Projects in Bettendorf

Pictured on Left : Bettendorf Public Library

Pictured in Middle : Family Museum of Arts & Science

Pictured on Right : Cat-in-the-Hat sculpture

"The riverboat authorities have been generous partners of the city in a variety of projects and programs that have enhanced the quality of life in Bettendorf and, as a result, Bettendorf has been placed "on the map" as one of the best places to live in America" - Mayor Ann Hutchinson, City of Bettendorf

Projects in Bettendorf

Pictured on Left : A book for every child in the Bettendorf schools

Pictured at Middle Left : Bettendorf Middle School's music program enhancement

Pictured at Middle Right : Crow Creek skate park

Pictured on Right : Bettendorf Centennial Gardens at Middle Park